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Thanks to Damon Clear, you no longer need to settle for the limitations of invisible aligners like Invisalign or traditional clear braces. By being virtually invisible, Damon Clear offers an exceptional advantage over other types of aligners and braces. Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System. This unique system combines tieless braces with high technology archwires that have been clinically proven to guide teeth comfortably and fast helping you achieve awesome facial results and a phenomenal smile.

Damon Clear is available from skilled orthodontists. It combines the best benefits of invisible aligners and traditional clear braces in order to deliver a discrete treatment experience with results that go much farther than straighter teeth.

About Damon Clear

The innovative Damon System combines high technology archwires and tieless brackets that are clinically proven to move teeth comfortably and fast offering a superior smile and excellent aesthetic results.

Damon Clear

The Damon Clear system utilizes what is known as a "passive slide mechanism" to maintain the archwires inside the bracket. This enables them to freely move; thus reducing binding and friction so that your teeth can move more comfortably and more quickly.

Traditional Brackets

Traditional styles of braces utilize active clips or elastics that bind the archwires into place. This creates pressure and friction that acts in a similar manner to parking brakes and may slow treatment down. Check out for yourself what over 2 million patients have already experienced…the Damon System encompasses an entire new treatment modality that enhances your facial appearance and aligns your teeth, typically without rapid palatal expanders or tooth extractions.

Compare to Invisalign Braces

Deciding on the right kind of orthodontic treatment for you can be a life-changing decision. Don’t settle for the limitations that invisible aligners such as Invisalign offer when Damon Clear is available. Even though aligners may be effective at helping you straighten some teeth, the Damon Method is superior as it delivers much more than straight teeth and the results can last forever. In order to receive more information and begin your smile transformation, look for a dentist in your area who specializes in Damon Clear.

Cost Of Braces

The cost of orthodontic treatment or braces should never stop you from achieving the smile of your dreams. Attaining that ideal smile is a valid investment since you are investing in yourself. This can pay huge dividends in terms of career, confidence, relationships and self-esteem. Since the cost of treatment using the Damon System of braces is generally comparable to the traditional cost of braces, including Invisalign and other invisible aligners, a fuller, broader smile with awesome facial aesthetics is now a possibility!

How much do Damon Braces cost?

On average, braces range anywhere between $3800 and $8000 depending on the specific needs of the individual. Your Damon Dentist will be able to determine the cost of your particular case. Some of the factors that will influence the cost of braces include: length of treatment, case difficulty, region of the country, and insurance coverage among other things.

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