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Anyone can benefit from having orthodontic treatment, regardless of their age. If teeth are crowded, or are crooked they can potentially affect the way your teeth function, as well as your aesthetic appearance. Orthodontic treatment can improve your overall health, along with enhancing your smile. It is less likely to have tooth decay or injure your teeth when they are straight, as they are much easier to clean between. Orthodontic treatment can be a great option if you are unhappy with the way your teeth function or struggle with their overall appearance.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is the process of utilizing specific appliances to straighten your teeth so that work and look better. Typically appliances such as braces, head gear, and retainers etc. are used to apply gentle pressure onto your teeth. Over the duration of a period of months or years, this pressure can guide your teeth into their correct position.

Why You May Need Orthodontics

How you bite and chew your food directly relates to the position of your teeth. Your bite is defined by how your bottom and top teeth come together. If and when your bottom and top teeth fit together unevenly, this is known as a bad bite or a malocclusion. Issues like crooked teeth, missing teeth, protruding teeth or crowding can all contribute to a bad bite. Finger or thumb sucking can additionally affect your bite.

Having a bad bite can make it difficult to chew certain foods. As well, teeth can wear down easier if they are not correctly lined up. A bad bite may also lead to pain and muscle tension. Teeth that protrude can become broken or chipped more easily. Crooked and crowded teeth are more prone to gum disease and are harder to clean; therefore cavities may become more prevalent. Correcting a bad bite not only greatly improves your smile but it also benefits your overall health. Different kinds of malocclusion include: an open bite, an overbite, an overjet and a Crossbite.

Who Does This Procedure?

Sometimes your dentist can complete orthodontic care, or they may refer you to see an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in orthodontics and has completed a university post-graduate specialty program. Orthodontics is specialized kind of dentistry that deals with correcting and preventing malocclusions.

Who Can Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Everyone at any age can receive orthodontic treatment. This is no longer just an option for pre-teens and teenagers. Many adults are finally getting the smile of their dreams. It is a great option as teeth can actually be moved at any age. Your dentist and orthodontist can evaluate your mouth to determine if orthodontic treatment can benefit the health and aesthetic quality of your smile.

It is often helpful to commence orthodontic treatment prior to the adult or permanent teeth arriving. This is known as interceptive orthodontics. Your orthodontist or dentist can complete an orthodontic screening in order to find out if your child will require orthodontic treatment to correct a bad bite. Interceptive orthodontics enables your orthodontist or dentist to stop or prevent a problem as it is developing.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Orthodontic treatment requires some time. The exact amount of time depends on how serious your issues are, how old you are and the kind of treatment chosen. Generally, treatment involves a visit to your dentist or orthodontist on regular intervals over a period of months to years. Generally, it takes longer to treat adults than it does teenagers or kids. On average, the majority of people wear braces for approximately 2 years.

What About Costs?

Of course it is important to remember that orthodontic treatment offers a lifetime value. If you have any questions or concerns regarding cost or treatment, be sure to ask. It is important to understand what your treatment entails. You may discover that the overall price tag is much less expensive than you originally thought it was going to be. Of course, cost depends on the nature of the problem. Certain orthodontic problems require only limited treatment in order to be fully corrected.

Your orthodontist will be happy to discuss the financial commitment with you. The office may offer certain payment plans that can help you attain your treatment in a more affordable way. Many dental insurance plans also include orthodontic benefits for as low as a few dollars a month. Check into your benefits plan at work and find out if there is any financial assistance there.

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