Orthodontics for Adults

One in Five Orthodontic Patients is over the age of 21.

Orthodontics for Adults
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It is no longer the case that orthodontic treatment is mainly for teenagers. According to statistics, 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is over the age of 21, according to the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. There are an increasing number of adults who are choosing to undergo treatment since they understand the importance of maintaining their vital health and wish to attain the best smile possible.

Common reasons why adults are considering orthodontic treatment

There are many reasons that adults consider orthodontic treatment including: a desire for a more confident smile and healthier mouth; the pressure or abnormal jaw pain caused by crooked teeth; a malocclusion or bad bite which causes teeth to incorrectly fit together; teeth are overly spaced apart or crowded, causing gum disease or tooth decay.

Treatment options for adults

For many adults, the idea of having metal braces is enough to discourage them from seeking treatment. Today, the orthodontic treatment options offer a wide variety of appliances and braces that are customized and comfortable as well as aesthetic in order to meet your needs. Different types of braces include: Traditional metal braces, Self-ligating braces, Clear braces, Invisible braces, and Ceramic braces.

The difference between adult orthodontics and orthodontics for children

When treating children or adults, the main difference to take into consideration is that with the younger patients, their jawbones are still developing. In adults, these bones have completed their growth process, meaning that there may be the possibility of orthognathic surgery required in order to align the jawbones.

Some other differences include: Periodontal disease or bone or gum loss. For example, adults are more likely than children to experience bone loss due to gingivitis or gum recession or advanced periodontal disease. Patients who have straighter teeth are less likely to experience gum disease.

Incomplete orthodontic treatment as a teenager is another popular reason people pursue treatment. Numerous adults received some orthodontic treatments as a teen or a child but for whatever reason, did not complete their treatment. As a result of this partial treatment, they choose to pursue their orthodontic treatment in order to achieve that gorgeous, healthy smile they have always dreamed of.

Missing or worn teeth occurring over time is yet another reason some people take on orthodontic care into adulthood. Over time, teeth may shift or become worn down, causing them to move into specific positions that can only be fixed with orthodontic care. Missing teeth for example, can cause other teeth to tilt or shift, creating the possibility of gum disease or a bad bite.

Of course, our practice recognizes that children and adults have different needs and require different levels of care and attention. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best treatment options. It is very important that your needs are met with respect and understanding from our team.

Why should you consider orthodontic treatment?

Mouths left untreated can get worse. Not undergoing orthodontic treatment when it is required may create long-term health issues that can cost you extra money in the future. Healthy teeth are straight teeth; therefore, teeth that are aligned correctly are easier to keep clean with brushing and flossing. This may also help prevent further health issues. A straight and beautiful smile builds confidence. Orthodontic treatment can help boost your overall self-confidence, allowing you a better quality of life as well as giving you the freedom to smile without holding back.

In order to learn more about the advantages of adult orthodontics, please do not hesitate to contact our office in order to schedule an appointment. We completely understand that you have a busy schedule and will work hard with you in order to make sure that every office visit is as convenient as it can be.


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