Scholarship Winners

Drs. Derek Pollard, Diego Diaz, Jessica Kehler and all of our team members here at Mission Creek Orthodontics are proud to be apart of our community. Here are our previous scholarship winners.

2023 Scholarship Winner

Kirandeep Gandham

Kirandeep Gandham lives in Vancouver, BC, and will graduate from David Thompson Secondary.  She will be attending Langara College in the fall, while studying in the Criminology program.


“I thank my lucky stars that I’ve won a $500 award! Seriously. I told my parents and they were enthralled when they heard the news. Thank you all for this tremendous help. Fortunately, I have generous parents who are willing to open their wallets to ease some of the financial burden, but I’ve always wanted to stand on my own two feet. My parents have worked countless hours for us, and I don’t want them to work anymore for me. Langara is accessible compared to other universities in terms of cost, acceptance rate, and location. There, over the course of a few years, I will attain a diploma in their Criminology program. To be honest, my mind is ping-ponging between Forensics and Policing. I’m not 100% certain as of now, buuuut I’ll figure it out.”

2022 Scholarship Winner

Makena Wardman

Makena Wardman lives in Kelowna, BC, and is a graduate of Kelowna Christian School.  She will be enrolled at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in the Bachelor of Health and Exercise Sciences program.


“Thank you so much for this incredible gift! I will be putting this money towards my tuition for a Bachelor of Health and Exercise Sciences as I work towards becoming a pediatric physiotherapist. This will help alleviate the financial stress of post-secondary so that I can focus on my studies. This extra focus will help me to get into a master’s program so that I can help many children through health challenges. Thank you again for this amazing gift!”

2021 Scholarship Winner

Adam Einarson

Adam Einarson lives in Lake Country, BC and is a graduate of Kelowna Christian School.  He will be enrolled in the Arts Program at York University in the fall.


“With the money I’m receiving as the winner of the MCO Scholarship, I will alleviate some of the financial burden of traveling for post-secondary schooling. Attending university has always been important to me. On top of tuition, living expenses are high in Toronto, which is where I will be studying next fall. The money from this scholarship is going to be a stepping stone for me to expand my academic knowledge. Once again, my gratitude goes out toward Mission Creek Orthodontics for this generous scholarship. I appreciate the investment they have made in the continuation of my academic path!”

2020 Scholarship Winner

Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell lives in Vancouver, BC and is a graduate of Ideal Mini School.  She is attending the University of Toronto and is currently enrolled in the Theatre and Drama Studies program.


” I feel honoured and grateful to receive the Mission Creek Orthodontics Scholarship and I would like to express my appreciation for the money that will go towards the cost of tuition at the University of Toronto. This money will help relieve the financial burden of paying for post-secondary and allow me to continue to pursue my academic goals. Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship!”

2019 Scholarship Winner

Mikaela Balla

Mikaela Balla lives in Surrey, BC and is a graduate of Earl Marriott Secondary. She will be attending Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta and will be enrolled in the Kinesiology program.


“I am a graduate of Earl Marriott Secondary. I will be attending Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta, and will be enrolled in the Kinesiology program. Winning this scholarship will help me pay for my textbooks and tuition. Thank you again for helping me to pursue my educational goals. I really appreciate your generosity.”

2018 Scholarship Winner

Serena Slonowski

Serena Slonowski lives in West Kelowna, BC and is currently enrolled at UBCO, where she is pursuing a bachelor of science degree.


“I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Pollard and his team for being a wonderful orthodontist office and also honouring me with this scholarship. This scholarship will give me the chance to focus more on my studies which is most important and relieve the financial stress of working to pay for my education. Mission Creek Orthodontics generosity will go towards any necessary textbooks and study tools I will need to purchase this upcoming fall. Thank you once again for your contribution in helping make my educational goals possible and dreams come true.”

2017 Scholarship Winner

Sydney Robertson

Sydney Robertson lives in Peachland, BC and has recently graduated from Hugh Boyd Secondary. She is currently enrolled at UBC in Arts, where she will be studying Film Production.


“Thank you to Mission Creek Ortho for such a generous scholarship. The funds from this scholarship will go towards my education at UBC where I study my passion of Film in their Arts program. This scholarship has levitated a part of the financial toll University can take and helps me focus on the most important part, my education. I am extremely appreciative and proud to see my writing skills be recognized and awarded with this scholarship. Mission Creek Orthodontics has helped me advance in my educational goals and I would like to thank them for their generosity.”

2016 Scholarship Winner

Courteney Buchanan

Courteney Buchanan is from Elmore, Ohio and has recently graduated from Woodmore High School. She will be attending the University of Toledo where she will study Marketing, starting in Fall 2016.


“I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of those involved with MCO. The past few years I have worked incredibly hard though academics, athletics, and community involvement, and it means the world to me that my efforts were recognized through your generosity. I have dreamt of a higher education for so long, but the overwhelming price tag has made it difficult to turn that dream into a reality; however, the kindness of others, such as your organization, has allowed me to pursue a college career, and hopefully, have an impact on the world as I continue forward. The scholarship you so generously awarded me will go directly towards my college tuition and fees; the burden lifted off of my shoulders because of MCO’s gift is indescribable. I could never fully express my appreciation through written – or even spoken – word, but I hope that I was able to portray a portion of the gratitude I feel. This scholarship truly makes a difference for me, my family, and most importantly, my education. Thank you.”

2015 Scholarship Winner

Dawn Parry

Dawn Parry is from Pleasant, New Jersey and has recently graduated from Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science in Manahawkin, New Jersey. She will be attending the University of Rhode Island this fall studying marine biology.


“I would like to thank Mission Creek Orthodontics for the money I received from the 2015 scholarship contest, which will help me pay for the college education I need to begin my career as a research scientist. I can use this money to buy the textbooks I need for school. Thank you for providing me with the funds to take an important step forward in my education and future.”

2014 Scholarship Winner

Craig Poole

Craig Poole has been selected as the winner of the MCO Scholarship for the May 15, 2014 deadline. Craig is from Williamstown, West Virginia and is attending West Virginia University. He is currently pursuing a dual degree with a BA in Biology and a BSJ in Television Journalism with a minor in Psychology.


“I would like to thank the selection board for choosing me as the recipient of the MCO Scholarship for the 2014-2015 school year. This scholarship will be very helpful to me this upcoming school year. I plan on using the scholarship to help cover the cost of my textbooks this fall semester.”

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