Visiting the Orthodontist

What to Expect when you Visit the Orthodontist.

Visiting the Orthodontist
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1. Initial Examination & Consultation (45-60 minutes)

At your first appointment, you will be greeted by our wonderful receptionist and offered a beverage from our coffee and juice bar. If you haven't already printed and filled out the new patient forms sent to you beforehand via email, we will then get you to fill out this form in the reception area in order for us to collect some basic personal and medical information.

Once the form is completed, one of Mission Creek Orthodontics amazing orthodontic assistants will come and introduce themselves and bring you into our consultation room to take a series of photographs of you and your teeth. These pictures will allow Dr. Pollard to better explain what needs to be done to get you that perfect set of teeth.

Dr. Pollard will then come in and thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, jaws, and bite. This usually takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

After Dr. Pollard has had a chance to write up a list of your orthodontic issues and develop a preliminary treatment plan for you, he will return to explain what makes up a perfectly functional and esthetic set of teeth and what we need to do to get you there. He will also provide estimates of treatment duration and treatment fees. There will then be plenty of time for questions at this point.

2. Diagnostic Records (30-40 minutes)

If you have been deemed a candidate for orthodontic treatment from the initial examination, Dr. Pollard will need to gather some more information before he can accurately develop your treatment plan. Therefore, your next appointment with us will be to collect diagnostic records. This typically includes impressions of your teeth and bite, photographs, and radiographs (if required).

3. Final Consultation (45-60 minutes)

Using all of the information from the diagnostic records, Dr. Pollard has now developed a perfect plan that will address all of your orthodontic issues. At the final consultation appointment, you, and whoever you would like to bring along, will sit down with Dr. Pollard and he will review his diagnostic findings and then thoroughly explain your treatment plan. He will also go over the treatment fee and explain all of the different payment arrangements available. Again, there will be lots of time to ask questions.

4. Start Appointment (60-90 minutes)

This is the big day! One of the girls will start by professionally cleaning all of your teeth and get them ready for brackets. She will then place a cheek retractor that keeps your lips and cheeks out of the way and makes sure all of your teeth stay dry during the bonding procedure.

Once the teeth have been prepared by the assistant, Dr. Pollard will come in and place each bracket very carefully in the correct spot.

After all brackets have been placed and cured, the cheek retractor comes off and specific wires are placed to begin aligning your teeth. You will also be able to pick colors for the elastics at this point. How exciting!

Before you leave, the assistant will show you how to keep your teeth and braces clean by giving you a demonstration on proper oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) during orthodontic treatment. They will also educate you on what not to eat in order to avoid broken brackets and appliances. This information is very important and can directly influence your end result so make sure to listen up!

5. Regular Adjustment Appointments (15-30 minutes)

These appointments are usually every 4-8 weeks and, depending on the stage of treatment you are in, can involve a change to your wires, elastics, and/or brackets. There is usually a chance to brush and floss without your wires in as well, but make sure you are not relying on this as your only thorough cleaning! Cavities and gum disease can occur very fast if oral hygiene is not ideal.

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